Fealty to the King

Fealty to the King


I believe that the Household of God is being called to “Swear Fealty” to the King of kings.

What exactly does this mean? What does this commitment consist of?

Fealty is an allegiance, a loyalty, a devotion to, a fidelity in. It is a faithfulness to which one is bound for life by pledge, duty and piety. It is a sworn vow of fealty to the truth, steadfast faithfulness in the face of any temptation to renounce, desert or betray. Within this pledge is absolute devotion.

Here is an example:


“Yeshua, I ask to pledge you my loyalty and my life. I ask the privilege of serving you and whatever cause you declare your own. With all that I am and all that I have, to the utmost of my abilities, to the giving of my life’s last breath if it is required of me, So do I pledge.”


There is a difference here from receiving salvation, this instead is giving back to God a promise to do all within our own rights to serve Him for life. Without salvation we could make no such vow and our fealty would be without merit. At the same time, what good is salvation if we accept the safety of it but give nothing back in return?


It’s not about trying to “earn” our way by works, its much more than that. It is an absolute pledge of love and loyalty to Yeshua regardless of the costs. I believe the Household of God has been on the “receiving” end of things far too long where Yeshua is concerned. It’s as if we voiced the words of commitment to Him but we haven’t taken much action and very little risk to serve Him.


So I sit here this evening thinking about this, I want all Yeshua has to give me, but do I want to give Yeshua everything I have? Am I willing to give Him all of me? Will I through a deep love, sacrifice my own life to Him, by placing His cause before any agenda of my own?


Will you?  It’s time to swear fealty to the King of kings, to the Holy of Holies, the the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Are you ready to be a warrior? Will you carry His sword? Will you travel to the ends of the earth with His cause in your heart and His words on your lips?


It is through His Mighty power that we will make this vow and keep this vow. For woe, the word says it is better not to make a vow than to make one and not keep it. So through the power of the Holy Spirit I make this pledge to Yeshua tonight for without Him it could not be done.


Kasey Streichert Burt



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