About the Author

I have had Dreams and Visions along with hearing the audible voice of God since I was a young child. This does not make me anything important and I do not want you to “follow” me. I want you to follow after God, His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit. I am trying with all that is within me, with my limited mind to comprehend what the author of the Universe is telling me. I know I am supposed to share these. I am completely humbled and I am aware of my own wretchedness. Without Jesus there would be no hope for me or for any of us. I don’t have all the answers, in fact I don’t think I have any except to point you in the direction of seeking the face of God. If anything, let these dreams and visions make you aware that God knows where we are and is warning us to turn ourselves back to Him. It’s about our “eternal” destiny…where we spend that at. KB


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