A Great Darkness

A Great Darkness


Last night during my sleep the adversary came to my room. I could not see him, but I could physically feel his presence. Initially, I felt as though someone had their arms around me in my sleep. Gradually the hold on me became tighter and crushing.

Once I was aware of what was happening, very quickly I found I could barely breathe, it felt as though a boa constrictor had wrapped itself around me from head to toe, squeezing and squeezing. I struggled to get free, but could not get loose.  Every square in of me was being compressed and I started screaming “Who are you? Who are you?”

The demonic being who was the adversary answered in a garbled voice that I could not understand. Then I felt a blackness and a horrific fear pouring out of the adversary trying to fill my soul.

The last thing I remember was a tearing sound, as if tearing a fabric in half; you hear that ripping sound and I broke loose of his hold. I am not sure what caused the adversary to be ripped away from me, but he was. I don’t remember speaking any words, but in my mind I had to be free of him.


This morning when I woke up I began thinking about what this means to the Body of Yeshua. I realized that a great darkness is coming upon the land. Those who do not know Yeshua and even many who do, will be deceived by this great darkness. This deception will be gradual and initially those affected will not sense the darkness behind it and in it.

This deception will crush and smother those who fall prey to it.


I believe much of the North American Church is in the grips of the deception, this darkness already. There is a blackness and a horrible fear that will fill the soul and leave them utterly lost. I also sense that there will come a physical “crossing over” from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. Wherein the demonic will manipulate the physical aspects of this world. It would not be impossible for the demonic to crush a human being to death.


What we as believers must understand is that we must be on guard 24/7, protecting our mind and our heart. Being diligent in what we allow ourselves to read, to watch, to listen to in the natural realm; for surely I tell you this truth; should you do any of these in an ungodly manner you will have opened the door to hell itself and invited that monster the adversary in to wreak havoc, pain, death and despair into your life.


Kasey Streichert Burt’



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